Absolutely Under Construction!

Hola!  So it’s been an almost-3-year detour for me from this typewritten path which all faithful (and faithless!) citizens of our grand, gargantuan blogosphere have tread.  After my readers realized that the process requiring oxygen and carbon dioxide does, in fact, continue, even without me writing every day … I admit I was grateful for the breather … and that we’re all still breathing, aren’t we?  Still, to give massive credit where it’s due … I want to thank all of you who came looking for me when I stopped writing. It was nice to know that jots and tiddles can be missed.  Even the ones I happened to post.  One of my current projects is to transfer my “Still in the Chrysalis” journal to a WordPress site eventually.  I love Mac … but their decision to shut down iWeb made me shed some iTears.  I guess I can’t have it all.  Moving on.

Now that I’m back, we have much to talk about, don’t we?  First things first … I know what several of you are asking us in your head because many have already asked us out loud.  Here they are, in an order that makes some sense to me:

1) Are you still going to Costa Rica as missionaries with WorldVenture and Mission Hills Church?


2) When are you hoping to leave?


Ok … three years later and I’m no less fascetious than before.  Our target departure date is looking like it will be around March-ish 2013.  I’ll explain later why … but it has quite a bit to do with our childrens’ online schooling option for this next school year.  Could we still move that up to December 2012?  Possibly, but not too likely right now.  God will have to make that super clear so we’re waiting on Him, always.

3) How are you doing with everything?

Um, read this blog and keep up with it … you’ll have the answers you need.  Deal?  In short, for now, we’re on a roller-coaster.  I am learning it’s par for the course for missionary families humans.

For those of you who would like to receive our intermittent prayer email updates, please contact us at footetraffic@worldventure.net.  We’ll be happy to add you to our Foote Traffic Prayer Crew.

The theme of this blog, as you can see, will be all the traffic we encounter on this journey to Costa Rica and wherever else God takes us. My goal is to keep you updated about the state of our lives and our hearts in my own way … with the usual smattering of articles and heart-on-my-sleeve journaling about parenting, missions and creative writing as we go along the way. I’ve already written a few in my head.  They haven’t quite found their exits through my fingers but they will, in time.  As has been the case in the past, we’ll have a good time.  At least I know I will.

So, while this traffic report is under construction, please take that as a reminder to pray for our family which is also under construction, every single day.    The more people you share this with, the more people we could have praying for us.  We haven’t turned away a single prayer warrior yet and it’s not looking like 2012 will be the year we do that.

For now, I’ll sign off with heartfelt gratitude for your support and encouragement as we share this journey with you.  Remember, that kind of encouragement is – and always will be – a two-way street.  The most beautiful thing is … the Traffic Controller is in our midst, always guiding us with His hands, his voice … and thankfully, He blasts that screechy whistle only when He absolutely has to – because He loves us so very, very much.

Isaiah 30:21 (Read it)

Absolutely Under Construction,


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