Destination: Costa Rica

Land, ho!  It is within sight – praise God!  For those of you who have known us a long time, it’s probably as surreal for you as it is for us.  After all these years of us “heading overseas,” “going into full-time missions,” “moving out-there-somewhere” … this probably feels like a shock because we simply haven’t managed to get there yet.  Oh, but God’s timing is so perfect and we are so grateful for all the seeming delays along the way.  We are different people now than when we first began to feel God’s tug to serve God in another country.  The last 15 years have been a school of LIFE for us and we hope/pray that we will please our Teacher as we finally do the last things which are required before we plop our lives down in San Jose, a city NOTHING like Denver, CO.

What will we do there?  In a sentence, we will establish Kingdom businesses as tools to transform lives and communities by making disciples in Costa Rica … and from Costa Rica to the ends of the earth.

How will we do that? By God’s grace, we will set up profitable, sustainable small businesses (e.g. small engine repair shop, coffee shop, anything-else-God-tells-us-to-do shop) to create training centers for Latino missionaries whom God has called to serve in countries which will require them to have business skills to enter and remain there – for the Gospel.

With whom will we do this? With partnership!  The list is too long to maintain – so we’ll begin by saying we’ll be going as a team with the another family!  We are being sent by our home church, Mission Hills Church, in deep partnership with WorldVenture and many other fabulous people of God.

Do we need help?  YES!  You may partner with us, as the Spirit of God leads you.  “Walk with Us (Partner Now)”

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